Class A offices

Besides the offering to purchase comfortable apartments in North Tower, our clients have an opportunity to buy a Class A offices that are located on 10 levels of South Tower. The offering of the office space blocks vary between 63.7 and 204.2 sq. meters. You can enjoy the spectacular views of Daugava-river and an Old Town from every office. Thus our project advises a unique opportunity for Riga to combine live and business spaces as part of single building complex. And the presence in our complex the recreation facilities makes staying here is truly enjoyable and a full-fledge.


Office part of the complex has separate lobby and dedicated parking area. Various offerings give the options either be an owner or rent entire floor space, approx. 870 sq. meters, and request the unique floor design as well as office furniture. The owners or renters could use a conference hall space and premium class co-working center.

Should you have any questions related to office space acquisition or rent please contact our management by phone or over email.

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