In over 37 galleries around the world, LUMAS offers museum-quality art editions. More than 1,400 works by 160 established artists and many promising newcomers deliver a comprehensive look into the contemporary art and photography. The works are available as hand-signed originals in limited editions.

In Z-Towers apartments you can enjoy:

Michael Levin © Zebrato; Posts And Shadows; Meoto Iwa,

The landscape photographs by Michael Levin have honed a magical aura. A powerful silence resides in the images and can be felt in every little detail. Traces of civilisation contrast with ever-changing nature. And as usual the portrayal of Japan on his pictures poses a mystery for us.

Wolfgang Joop © Black Beauty — Red Dress,

Inspired by the revolutionary works of Egon Schiele and Tamara de Lempicka, the German designer Wolfgang Joop positions his art as l’art pour l’art. In his sketches Joop tries to render the effect of carelessness and incompleteness.

Geebird & Bamby © The Modern Gentleman,

Utopic-looking buildings of the creative duo of Geebird & Bamby from their series called The New World, are designed based on architecture, design and cinema of the second half of the 20th century; a junction point between modernism and postmodernism. Impeccable composition with surrealistic notes creates the unique charm of an ideal world.

Bence Bakonyi © Urban landscape II,

The cold glow of Shanghai skyscrapers in the night makes for a mesmerising picture of a new world. Bence Bakonyi presented it in his series named Urban Landscapes.

Horst & Daniel Zielske © East River III,

New York appears fascinating to our eyes in the photographs of the Horst & Daniel Zielske family duo. Pictured in twilight, the megalopolis, illuminated with city lights, calls us to cross the river and get carried away by it.

Serge Guerand © Camping Car,

Serge Guerand is remarkable not only for his unusual creative career but also for his original approach to the art of photography. The viewer becomes spellbound by the mysteriousness and melancholy in the eyes of his models.