Historically Riga had up to twelve thousand wooden buildings as of today the number of those constructions is 3 times lesser. Territory of Z-Towers complex includes several constructions of second half of 18th – middle of 19th centuries. The restoration of those buildings is in progress. This is not a secret, with just few exceptions, those historical buildings are not in good shape. One of the important initiatives and tasks of Z-Towers project is restoration and renovation of ensemble of historical buildings located on its territory.

During a renovation of the buildings a special attention will be applied to architectural design which will be restored according to initial design.

Following buildings will be restored on the territory of Z-Towers: Gustav Shkilter mansion, Gustav Shkilter was a Latvian sculptor and graphic artist, one of the first representatives of the Latvian school of sculpture of the 20th century. Family house of the merchant Willhelm Shreder , built in second half of 18th century. Outhouse – a technical construction built in 19th century, after reconstruction this building will be connected to the Summer house.

After completion of renovation and restoration work the mansions and old buildings will be used as an Exhibit Hall, gift and souvenir shops, and a complex of restaurants where guests and residents of the Z-Towers would enjoy the French and Italian cuisine.