Apartments of Z-Towers have stepped in the new year of 2015 in a new and pompous appearance!

Assembly of unique interior and NOLTE kitchen has been completed.

This is the first time when similar realtor projects fully correspond to philosophy of life of the capital city.

Each apartment is tailored by designers as a unique setup where our customers may be the main heroes and perfect scenario writers.

It is time to admit that our life has greatly changed! We live in a completely different pace where countries, planes, landscapes, climate, and weather behind the window can be easily changed instantly diving in surrounding atmosphere and adapting it to you.

Modern interior just needs to easily relieve, accept, and discover reality that is constantly changing at the same time remaining in the very centre of all technical and aesthetical trends.

Kitchen has a major and, as a paradox, increasing role in life of a modern metrosexual and housewife.

For long it is not just a selection of furniture; it is a “place of execution”, cult place for meeting and communicating, an element of household comfort and prestige at the same time. The kitchen is meant to create you a sense of “home and support” in every country of the world.

These are just the cases when assistance and experience of such flagman in manufacturing of home furniture as German concern, NOLTE, should be approached to.

NOLTE’s philosophy includes progressive design – firstly, professional set of quality expensive materials and innovative technologies. Then it comes to atmosphere of freedom of existence and internal comfort.

Unconditional effort of our designers under guidance of architect, Andis Sīlis, has been put in such individual interiors that offer a completely unique life strategy in each apartment.

An apartment for a family with children will have a spacious kitchen in warm colour and nice tactile wood structures, and shock-resistant stone surfaces.

An artistic couple will choose an introvert kitchen with nice matted polish on coatings of facades (trend of the latest season) and candle fire on glass in a covered zone. Music can be put on easily… USB port is just in a socket.

Convenient for full of joy people with knowledge and communication talent, will be an insular solution with cooking induction in the very centre of the interior. A cosy bar serves as an extension of the kitchen for a nice company of people, and thus cooking becomes a real culinary show performance.

For progressive young people, a hipster-type hands free kitchen, «Matix Art», with glazed facades, unique top of the table of thin glass, washbasin BLANCO, a «flush» mounted after a new technology, solid wood shelves, and LED lighting, which is now modern, will be the best.

An Alpine-white kitchen with dark and excellent solid wood floor will suit lovers of aristocratic reserve.

For lovers of classics, we have made outstanding assemblies of titanic metal colours and glossy polish in the colour of black lead in an extraordinary design of an ultrathin top of the table.

Modern household equipment of SIEMENS, unique technology of BORA (ventilation hood just above the cooking surface) allows changing format of any NOLTE kitchen from practical household to a modern loft.

Valid implementation of ideas of any authors can be done only by such manufacturing giants as NOLTE that uses a wide range of technologies and thus in the result it provides customers more than 700 kitchens per day. Besides, each kitchen is implemented according to the highest German quality requirements (5 year guarantee). At the same time, each kitchen is a completely unique and made after an individual design allowing the customers and designers/project developers using endless opportunities of their ideas’ implementation in a modern design.

And then nothing and no one, and no extra technical details will hinder you enjoying the main exclusive aspect of the interior of Z-Towers – amazing view to our beautiful, cosy, old, and still always new city – again and again.