At the end of last year just two Latvian magazines published materials about the Z Towers project.

In the ‘VIP Lounge’ magazine Z Towers supported the publication of a new list of the most successful entrepreneurs in Latvia. It is not the first year the magazine sums up the business year calling those who have received the greatest profit, those, who received the greatest dividends, and – for the first time in Latvia! –data on the most successful foreign investors in the Latvian economy were summarized. It should be noted that this list involves Yurii Scheffler too thanks to the success of ‘SPI Group’ company, the largest producer of alcohol in the Baltics. Yurii Scheffler is a developer and the key ideologist of unique project of Z-Towers combining not only the construction of two skyscrapers but also specially designed programmes of Z-Finance and Z-Experience.

In its turn ‘Titanium’ magazine published an interview with the legendary Helmut Jahn, one of the most successful American architects and creator of the whole branch in the modern architecture. Jahn like nobody knows how to combine perfect design with the most advanced engineering and machinery. He offers to look at the architecture not as ivory-towered art but as an unbreakable bond of aesthetics, form and purpose of the building. It was Helmut Jahn, whom Z Towers owe their unique system of façade glazing, converting powerful skyscrapers into an elegant flower which is folded of slightly opened petals of its windows. About his views on the modern construction industry and the art of living see in the December issue of the magazine.