The coming of winter holidays with the growing excitement and joy, in Z-Towers complex was celebrated by taking a new 'height'. The work on the facade glazing of the smaller, - North Tower – entered its final stage: builders started the installation of the 'crown', crowning a 30-storey building. In addition to the pleasant symbolic meaning, the event is of practical importance – this step is THE LAST STAGE OF THE EXTERNAL WORKS for the construction of North Tower!

Dressed in a luxurious glass outfit made of thousands of windows-petals, North Tower is now getting equipped from the inside. A lot of hard work is getting put into finishing of demonstration suites designed by one of the leading Latvian interior companies Xcelsior. And in the very near future it will be possible to find out what is going on behind the windows so intriguingly glowing in the early winter dusk. Xcelsior promises to provide several unique solutions for possible preferences and needs of future residents of the Z-Towers complex.