Within the framework of FIABCI Congress held in Riga from 26 till 28 September 2013, the participants and delegates visited the construction project of the multifunctional complex Z Towers, where the project of Z Towers was presented, the object was shown and all participants were welcomed.

The multifunctional complex Z-Towers: two dwelling towers with round profiles and different areas at their bases; each tower is 30 storeys tall. The height of the towers: South 123 m, North 117.5 m. There are 358 apartments situated in the towers, 10,000 m2 of office area - class А, a parking lot for 700 vehicles and more than 4000 m2 of SPA area. The complex Z-Towers is a combination of seemingly incompatible things. The owners of apartments have the old and eternally young city of Riga under their feet, as well as the historical centre of the city – always alive and busy.